About Us

Cove Creek Gardens is a public display Garden which promotes the art of horticulture and demonstrates the Conservation of Water and Native plants while providing the public with opportunities for research,learning and interaction with the Natural World.

The Gardens provide a cutting edge facility for Greensboro and Guilford County college/university level students and to the general adult public,where research and learning are accomplished in a naturalistic environment. As a Living Laboratory,Cove Creek Gardens has expanded from its’ original acreage (2 acres) to include 4.75 acres of contiguous,surrounding greenspace to the formal display Gardens.  In this way,the existing contours and features of the land surrounding the formal Teaching Gardens are returning to its’original state (wetlands,deciduous hardwood forest).

Cove Creek Gardens is located in the Northeast quadrant of Greensboro,  known as Brightwood (once called Ruddtown). The Brightwood community has the historical distinction of having been primarily comprised of African-American landowners;more recently,our distinction is evidenced by an unique mix of African-American,Native-American,Anglo-American,Chinese,Laotion Cambodian-American,Latino and Vietnamese- American residents. We are working class poor status.

Greenspace itself in urban areas is essential to retaining all peoples’ connection to the Natural World’s rhythms and cycles.

The Gardens and its’greenspace build community by bringing people together in a non-competitive social group,within a setting which is both educational,and aesthetically pleasing. Differences become treasures rather than difficulties when we gather to share knowledge and skill,plant myths and uses cherished around the world. Young and old,all ranges of income,education and life experiences come together in a garden. A garden teaches optimism and discipline through the cycles of land stewardship,and the harvests gleaned.