Service Learning and Experiential Learning Garden Projects

Cove Creek Gardens’Service Learning/Experiential Projects

Cove Creek Gardens welcomes hundreds of NC A &T SU students throughout the year.  Academic courses directly related to the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (SAES) Majors are taught on site by N C A &T’s  SAES Faculty.  

Sessions include instruction in the following Conservation Education Principles:    Soil Science,Entomology,Field Research,Sustainable Horticultural Practices,Plant Materials and Identification,Propagation of Native,Medicinal and Edible Plants,and Water Conservative Gardening,as well as  participating in group experiential learning projects. Projects are designed to foster and support  classroom training,group and individual initiative and responsibility,leadership skills and community building within the Brightwood neighborhood.

Education is the gateway to sustaining and changing our local and global communities.

By instilling the desire to make a difference in the future health of the Natural World,

by inspiring each student to investigate the myriad treasures,creatures and resources within the Natural World,

there is hope that students will see this power within themselves,

individually and collectively,

through the process of participating in Experiential Learning at the Gardens.