Community Outreach Programs


ReLeaf Brightwood Program

The ReLeaf Brightwood Program repopulates hardwood trees along the North Summit Avenue corridor and within the Gardens’ greenspace which is located in the Brightwood Neighborhood of Northeast Greensboro. NC A&T State University students and Brightwood Homeowners plant,stake and mulch a minimum of six (6) additional hardwood trees each growing season. The goal of the ReLeaf Brightwood Program is to rebuild natural tree canopy lost to attrition or development,to assist in a cleaner,more attractive and less energy-consumptive environment for the community.  The Gardens’special Corporate Partner in this ongoing outreach program is Joseph Cloutier,General Manager of Lowe’s of North Greensboro.  ReLeaf Brightwood allows our students to educate and inform our neighbors about proper plant material choices,proper planting,staking and mulching techniques and how to identify and maintain their planting(s).

Adopt-a-Street Program
Cove Creek Gardens’ Staff and Student Interns,and Brightwood Community residents collect litter
along a 1 ½ mile stretch of Summit Avenue which includes the Gardens,in
cooperation with the City of Greensboro’s litter reduction program.

GTA Adopt-a-Stop Program
Cove Creek Gardens’Staff,Student Interns and Brightwood Community residents maintain four (4)  nearby bus stops on Summit Avenue in the Brightwood neighborhood. The GTA Adopt-A-Stop
Program also includes routine litter pick-up in the area of each bus stop.

Adopt-a-Park Program
Cove Creek Gardens participates in the City of Greensboro/Parks and Recreation Department’s Adopt –A- Park Program.  Gardens’Staff,Student Interns and Brightwood Community residents monitor the Brightwood Neighborhood Park,(located directly behind the Gardens);   hundreds of mixed narcissus and daffodils,Native daylillies and assorted Native perennials are planted along the Park Access Trails bordering the formal Teaching Gardens,  leading visitors from Summit Avenue to the interior of the park.